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Pasco, WA
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Dear Member of the Community and/or Business Owner,

We are Chiawana Lacrosse Club and are comprised of high school age students that attend both Pasco and Chiawana high schools. Our host school is Chiawana High School located in Pasco, Washington. This is our 7th season and we are excited to continue to grow and develop our athletes and organization.

Our student athletes are under the direction of dedicated coaches, staff, and volunteers to help them develop positive values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork and selfdiscipline that will not only help them as they play Lacrosse but also in life. Lacrosse has a long history of honor and respect for the game. These student athletes will learn how to conduct themselves on and off the field as they represent our communities. Chiawana Lacrosse is a club program and not affiliated with Chiawana High School, it is only the identified host school. As such we are not supported financially by the district. Our participants are responsible for all expenses. Your support helps to offset the cost of uniforms, field and tournament fees, equipment and other costs associated with providing our student athletes a safe and successful season. Sponsorship allows us to keep registration costs more affordable and to offer scholarships so that every child has the opportunity to play. We appreciate your consideration in continuing to help make that possible.

Chiawana Lacrosse Club is a 501-C-3 non profit organization. Financial Support from community businesses and corporations are integral to our success. Our sponsorship program offers your business a wide range of visibility both on our website and at Chiawana Lacrosse events. Any sponsorship we receive is greatly appreciated and all sponsors will have their name and logos proudly posted on our website along with a direct link to yours at Chiawanalax.com.



  • Personalized company sponsorship banner flag displayed at Chiawana Lacrosse Club events.
  • Location of your as on home game programs in the largest most prominent placements.
  • Premiere visibility with company logo printed prominently on the back of custom team t-shirts.
  • Recognized as player of the week sponsor on all social media accounts.
  • Recognition post as a supporter on our Facebook/Instagram pages.


  • Prominent and largest placement of your company logo on our sponsorship banner flags.
  • Space on our home game programs in prominent placements
  • Company logo printed 3x3 on our team t-shirts 
  • Recognized as a player of the week sponsor on all social media accounts
  • Recognition post as a supporter on our Facebook/Instagram pages


  • Company logo and contact infor on our home programs
  • Company logo printed 2x2 on our team shirts and enlarged on our sponsorship banner flags
  • Recognition post as a supporter on our Facebook/Instagram pages


  • Company name listed on home programs
  • Company logo printed on our sponsorship banner flags
  • Company name listed on our team t-shirt                                                                                                                             Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of Chiawana Lacrosse Club

                         Questions? Contact Naya Wahler at (509)302-8119 or via email at Chiawanalax@hotmail.com