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Chiawana Lacrosse

Responsibilities of a Captain


Team captains play an essential role on our team. To be a captain, one must:

  • Participate in all practices
    • During ‘regular’ season
    • ‘Off’ season events/practices
  • Participate in all fundraising events
  • Arrive early to practices
  • Stay after practices as warranted
  • Attend and participate in captain meetings
  • Lead team runs, stretches, and cheers
  • Help with team poster distribution
  • Review plays with teammates
  • Organize team bonding events
    • Plan locations
    • Plan activities
    • Coordinate food and beverages
    • Invite teammates
    • Possibly host events
    • Clean up
  • Arrive early to games
  • Make sure all players arrive to games ON TIME!
    • Communicate to coaches as player rep
  • Speak to referees and captains of opponents


How a Captain Should Conduct Himself:

Captains should set the tone for their teammates and be a role model. In order to do so, they must behave in a certain manner.

  • Respectful towards coaches, teammates, opponents, referees, and self
  • Maintain good sportsmanship
    • Do not talk to referees unless you area speaking captain
    • If you are speaking captain, talk to referees politely
  • Good listener who provides feedback
  • Communicate with coaches and team
  • No back talking or interrupting
  • No alcohol or drugs; be a lawful citizen
  • Balance school work appropriately
  • Support fellow captains
  • Set a good example
    • If a captain goofs off, others will think it is okay
  • Understand that there are boundaries and expectations to being a captain
    • Captains have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to continue to improve
  • Be supportive of coaches
    • If you have an issue with the team or coaches, address it in private
  • Deal with team issues,  if necessary
    • Strive to keep the team unified
  • Be willing to improve as a player and as a leader
    • If coaches give you a tip, be coachable and open to improve


Qualities That Make an Effective Team Captain:

  • Committed
  • Composed
  • Humble/modest
    • Being a captain does not necessarily mean you are the best player or athlete
  • Reliable/responsible
  • Respectable
  • Trustworthy/honest
  • Motivated/give full effort
  • Cooperate
  • Understanding
  • Encouraging
  • Approachable
  • Focused/disciplined
  • Positive attitude
    • If we are in a tough game, keep the team up and confident
  • Knowledgeable of positions and plays
  • Understand game of lacrosse

Selection Criteria:

  • Application
  • Team vote
  • Interview – must wear shirt/tie for interview
  • Coaches’ vote


  • Interviews will be conducted the first Thursday of the season
  • Tri-Captains will be announced during our team retreat on March 4th
  • Game Captains will be selected by Coaches and Tri-Captains prior to each game