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Pasco, WA
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Chiawana Lacrosse Club was founded in 2016 as an expansion team from Richland Lacrosse Club. The team is comprised of high school players from Chiawana and Pasco.  Our goal is to field competitive teams and honor the game. To develop student-athletes of character and integrity who will act as leaders by showing care and respect for themselves, and recognize they serve as representatives of their community in the game of lacrosse. The first priority of the student-athlete shall be their academic success as demonstrated by their commitment to learning; the second priority shall be to the team as they hold each other responsible and accountable for their thoughts and actions both on and off the field.


Player Expectations
  1. Act with class on and off the field. As member of  Chiawana Lacrosse Club, your actions represent our entire program.  
  2. Respect your fellow teammates, coaches, referees, officials, opponents and coaches from other teams.
  3. Make lacrosse a priority. Commit to the team, and make it to all practices and games.  
  4. Wear required uniform or pinnies to practices and games and make sure your uniform is clean for the games.